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What is important to me is not what I have done in the past, but how I can help you in the future.  However, I may need to justify why you should try these ideas and techniques. 

                                                   *  2023 NBRSA Score 2 Gun  Runner Up National Champion

                                                   *  2018 NBRSA Score 2 Gun National Champion

                                                   *  2018 NBRSA Hunter Class National Champion

                                                   *  14  Top 3 Finishes at National Benchrest Contests (Yardages, Grands and 2 Guns)

                                                   *  19 State Benchrest Championships (Yardages, Grands, and 2 Guns)                                                                             *  Articles published in Precision Rifleman, Rifle Shooter, and Handloader Mag.

The true justification will come when you experience the results of what is being shared. 

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