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Safety Notice

All the accuracy and precision guidelines in the world are worthless if they are not safe.  Safety should be the first priority when it comes to competition and hunting.

Any reliance or use of the information on this site is solely at your own risk.   The author(s) disclaim any and all liability.

Readers should make no representation of safety for any loads, techniques, and procedures reported herein.

If you do not have experience with the cartridge you are loading, refer to a published loading manual. 

Always read and understand directions on any reloading or firearms related equipment.


When developing a powder charge, start low and work your way up.  Stopping when you first notice any pressure signs:

     Some common (but not all) pressure signs are:

          * Cratered Primers

          * Pierced Primers

          * Loose Primers (primer pocket expansion)

          * Ejector Groove Marks

          * Hard Bolt Lift

          * Sticky Case Extraction

          * Pressure Ring on Case

          * Case Head Growth/Expansion

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