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CTD Product Review: Scope Shield Scope Covers

Updated: Mar 20

Protect your scope and action using Scope Shield Scope Covers. Start shopping for the perfect cover.

Disclaimer: I have an affiliate agreement with Scope Shield.

Three main attributes of Scope Shield Scope Covers


Scope Shield’s Scope Cover protects the whole scope from foreign objects (rain, snow, dust, debris, solvent, etc) while traveling, hunting, cleaning, and storage. The Action Express safeguards the scope in the same fashion with the added bonus of protecting the action, bolt, and trigger.


Both types of covers are essentially foolproof. The process of putting on and taking off the cover becomes intuitive after just a few times of use.


These covers will not hinder your performance at the range, in the field, or in competition in any way. The grabber loop is a simple, yet brilliant, idea that helps make these covers incredibly fast to put on and take off.

Quality and Use of Product

Both covers are made with 3 mm Neoprene that has been laminated on both sides for superior protection. The lamination helps repel all foreign materials yet allows the neoprene to stay flexible even in the coldest of temperatures.

We have all had our optics “dinged”. Not a whole lot of justification is needed as to why we should protect a scope costing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars while in the field. Cleaning, on the other hand, is an often overlooked time for a scope. Solvent splatters, out of control cleaning rods, dropped equipment, etc. can all have devastating consequences for the scope. No need to worry if you are using a Scope Shield cover while cleaning.

Bolts and actions, although not as fragile as scopes, also need protection. Keeping foreign objects out of the tight fitting clearances is imperative for accuracy and precision. This is why the Action Express was invented.

The true “acid test” for the Action Express, and the quality of Scope Shield products in general, came in 2017 at the NBRSA 200/300 Long Range Nationals in Casper Wyoming. Casper’s range is mostly sandy soil that is easily moved around even in mild conditions. During this two day tournament, there were sustained winds in the 40 mph range with gusts in the upper 50s. Competitors were protecting their scope and actions every way they could. Some competitors even withdrew from the competition because they did not want to ruin their equipment.

The Action Express performed flawlessly. I simply waited for the “commence fire” command, lifted up the back end of the Action Express, inserted the bolt, then removed the rest of the cover. When I was done with the target, the order was simply reversed. I had zero issues the whole tournament with my action or scope. That tournament left no doubt that my search for the “perfect” cover was over.

Since that Nationals, I have exclusively used Scope Shield products on all my hunting and competition rifles. The “regular” scope covers get the green light when the conditions are benign and during all cleaning/gunsmithing. The Action Express is up to bat on all other occasions. Even though the Action Express was designed specifically for Benchrest shooters, experience has proven that it also excels in the field when used on hunting rifles.

Why Scope Shield Covers are Better than “Alternatives”

Please do not get me wrong; any protection is better than nothing. However, I want to give some items to think about when considering other options when protecting the scope and action.

Other neoprene scope covers:

I’ve used other neoprene scope covers. After a few seasons of use, the stitching has come out and the lighter material does not hold its shape. Scope Shield products are still performing exactly the same as when I purchased them.

Covers only over the objectives:

These do a good job of protecting the lenses, but do nothing to protect the turrets or tube. Not to mention the action, bolt, and trigger. Scope Shield products protect them all

Rags inside the action:

I’ve seen competitors protect their actions by placing a rag inside the loading port. This does an adequate job…until the rag is removed. Much of the material on the rag then gets dumped inside the action.

The Action Express has laminated side panels that repel foreign objects. Nothing is dragged through the action when the cover is removed, therefore nothing is deposited inside the action.

Towels over scope and action:

During some of the nastier conditions, many shooters will place a towel over their scope and action. Again, better than nothing, but these towels have to be secured otherwise they blow off. The towels also hold moisture and debris, which is not a good situation.

Scope Shield products have a slight stretch fit, which secures them even in the windiest of conditions. The laminated Neoprene does not gather material. Both covers are ready to go right out of the package with no alterations needed.


At the time of this posting; the scope covers range from $19-$30 and the Action Express is around $40. Periodically, there will be specials that will lower these prices even more. Both covers come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your needs. Scope Shield’s website makes it easy to order the cover you want. They will even print custom logos when desired. Simply email or call and their excellent customer service will take care of any questions that may arise.


These covers are a "no-brainer" considering hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in equipment can be protected with a product that will last a lifetime for under fifty bucks. Until next time, enjoy the process.

To order from Scope Shield Click Here

CTD SHOOTING’s 2 Rules on Product Reviews

I tell the truth. I will not “sugar coat” or give false hopes when discussing a product.

I only write positive reviews. I will only write about a product I use and recommend.

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