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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

These are targets, forms, charts and worksheets that have been mentioned in Blogs on ctdshooting. Simply download and print to use. Better yet, download, adjust to fit your style, then print to use. Enjoy the Experience.

Tuning Target for Factory Ammunition

Blog: Tuning Part 3: Factory Ammunition

Factory Target
Download PDF • 28KB


Hand Load Development Target

Blog: Tuning: Part 1 = Keys to Tuning

Tuning: Part 2 = Hand loaders

See What I am Seeing

Load Development
Download PDF • 58KB


Load Ladder Target

Blog: Tuning: Part 2 = Hand loaders

load ladder target
Download DOC • 26KB

Load Ladder Target
Download PDF • 16KB


Cartridge Box Information

Blog: Tuning: Part 2 = Hand loaders

Box info
Download DOCX • 12KB


Off Season Brass Work

Blog: Off Season Brass Maintenance

Brass work
Download DOCX • 13KB


Keeping Track of Seating Depth


Seating Depth
Download DOCX • 15KB


Stanley Wind Chart

Blog: Reading the Wind

Stanley Chart (1)
Download PDF • 37KB


Zeroing Target

Blog: Do's and Don'ts of Zeroing

See What I am Seeing

Sight In
Download PDF • 109KB


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